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Hey! I'm Jenn Blake, and I am a storytelling photographer in New Brunswick. Blueberry Hill Images is about nostalgia, storytelling and connections. My clients are fun, quirky, families who love to laugh and go on adventures or stay home to bake or play board games. I am drawn to kids who love chalk drawing, fort building, crafts and bubble baths, parents who don't mind if their kids stay up late to watch the stars together. I also adore meeting first-time parents getting to know their new baby, admiring her perfection through sleepy eyes. If any of this sounds like you, get in touch!

Image by Joni Burtt Photography


Storytelling Photography?

Sometimes one image can tell a simple story, and sometimes many photos together can form a complete story. My sessions tell a story about your family. My goal is to show your real life, personalities, details, and moments that are meaningful to your everyday. Your story could be as simple as how your child plays with his favourite toy, or as complex as your nighttime routine. I see a narrative in every moment that needs to be told.

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time stands still in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life


"I liked that we just Interacted with each other and the photos kind of came together without us even knowing it. It worked out well and the shots where they aren't looking are the ones I like best!"



"My favourite photos were the up close silly smiles of my children - they were totally natural and not forced. I also loved our outdoor photos as the kids were having so much fun in the fresh air, their smiles are so genuine in those photos and the afternoon light was perfect."



"I worried about where we would take our photos and what the expectations of us would be but Jennifer made everything so easy and found great shots throughout the session.

I loved how Jennifer interacted with my daughter. Mia felt special and connected with her right away. Out of this, there came some incredible shots! The close-up picture of her feet (I imagine Mia was showing off her nail polish) was so simple but yet, one of my favourites."



"I loved that at the first of our shoot when we were disappointed about the location we had chosen not being what we expected, we were still able to capture some amazing photos and Jennifer was willing to go to a secondary location :) I also loved how comfortable the shoot was and how there was no stress to have two kids sit and say cheese for hundreds of pictures. I love Jennifer's style of photography. Each and every photo she took of our family was amazing."



"Although it didn't go according to 'my plan' initially, everything turned out so great. The kids warmed up, they had fun, we made some memories, and you captured 'real life' for us by encouraging them to just be themselves. Thinking back on these days the photos will help us to remember that not every moment is sitting still with a pretty smile, but rather being true to yourselves and enjoying life the way you normally do."



"Very polite and positive. She bonded with our son who is on the severe end of the spectrum, and as a result was able to capture his genuine smiles and positivity."



"Having never really done a photo shoot like this, I really didn't know what to expect. I guess I was just in for the experience and to see what happened. Was I ever pleasantly surprised!

The moments she captured were genuine and real and captured the essence of who we are as a little family of three."