Week 9, Shapes | 2015 Project 52

March 19, 2015

“A turtle crawling slowly in the sun ;)”


Sometimes it is hard to be creative. When I have spent months sitting, playing, living in the same room it gets harder and harder to look at it differently. By the time March rolls around, I start to feel like I have done it all and coming up with a new idea for a photo seems impossible.

But then the sun shines through the window from a new angle every morning. The shadows changed from day-to-day. No two days are the same, and therefore no two photos are the same. These images weren’t set up, they just happened. And I believe those are the best kinds of photos.

The funny thing is, I tried to force this shot. I took a bunch, directed Sofia and told her how to sit and where to turn to get the shadows “just right”. But in the end, the shots I chose weren’t those, they were the ones I didn’t plan or direct. Sometimes images create themselves, they take shape right before your eyes and you have to recognize that and capture it before it’s gone.



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