Week 8, Perspective | 2015 Project 52

March 3, 2015

” I did a little Q&A with Sofia. A year ago, there’s no way she would have answered all of these questions, but now my little girl is not so little anymore. My favourite part was watching her process each question and come up with the perfect answer. I love seeing her personality and her own special way of looking at things.

What is your favourite colour? Pink and purple. And red.

What is your favourite TV show? Mickey Mouse

What is your favourite outfit to wear? What me wearing already

What is your favourite sport? Soccer

What song do you like to sing? Do you Wanna Build a Snowman

What do you want to be when you grow up? Be like you. At your white work, your blue work and taking pictures.

What is your favourite book? My princess book, to find things.

What are you good at? ABCs!

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy? A new hat. A bouncy bouncy ball. And a new book.

If you could make a wish, what would it be? Me wish Elsa was here. That’s what me wish for.

What is your favourite food? Pineapple chicken that Nanny makes.

What game do you like to play? Hide and seek, and Duck Duck Goose.

Where is your favourite place to go? Nanny and Poppy’s house.

What makes you happy? When Mina plays with me.

What makes you sad? When Baby Grace not share with me.

What is one thing you would like to learn how to do? Me not know how to read a book yet.”


Seriously, I want to do this every day. I just know she would have different answers for every question. I love watching her mind work. As she was thinking about her answer she’d stare blankly out the window. And then I would see her face change and light up when she came up with a response. Sometimes she would giggle to herself, and then she sang the ABCs from start to finish. When I asked about her favourite book, she ran to get it. I’m sure she just grabbed whichever one she saw first laying on the floor, but she found a way to tell me why it was her favourite at that particular moment.

I think she felt important, and I am glad for that. I want her to know that she matters, that what she thinks and feels and the things she cares about matters to me because I love her. I will never stop asking her questions and I will always listen to her answers.






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