“This Christmas – and this year – has been a blur. Time goes much too fast. There have been ups and downs, stressful moments mixed with laughter, milestones and hard times. We made it through, and in the end, we are together. That’s something to celebrate.”



I can’t believe I have completed three Project 52 challenges. Sometimes it has been easy and fun to come up with ideas and other times it has been difficult to pick up my camera. I have gotten behind, but I always seem to catch up.

I am so happy to have these images to document our lives, our life. They really do tell a story of my family, the ups and downs, the little things and the big moments. Looking back on the weeks, I am proud that I have pushed myself, that I have tried to see through my children’s’ eyes and I have grown as a photographer too. Each moment taught me something, each image has become a part of me.


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