Week 50, Self Portrait | 2015 Project 52

April 6, 2016

“I don’t want her and her sister to look back at photos and not see me there too.”


I’ve probably talked about this before, but it’s something that is really important to me. As moms we tend to be the ones behind the camera or phone snapping photos of our kids reaching milestones and everyday moments.

Now trust me, I do not love being in photos. But I can’t imagine my girls looking through albums (or Facebook lol) when they are grown and not seeing their mother. I know they would want to see me, see us together doing things, laughing, smiling, just being a family.

So I take selfies. Yep, lots of them. I don’t post them all, but I have them on my phone and backed up on my computer and I will print them out and put them in albums. Sometimes a selfie is the only way I can be in the picture, and that’s perfectly fine with me. My girls particularly like taking selfies of us making funny faces at the camera. Grace loves to watch herself make silly faces and that gets us laughing and those are some of my favourite shots.

So make a vow with me to be in the picture with your kids. Set the timer on your phone, take some selfies, whatever it takes to be present in those images. Because someday you may not be there with your children and they will want to know that you really existed in their lives. At the end of it all, photographs are sometimes all we have.





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