Week 5, Small | 2015 Project 52

February 24, 2015

“Her little ponytails. The tiny wisps of hair on the back of her neck. The way she grabs at the elastics as soon as I’m done putting them in because she has no idea what is in her hair (and eventually she manages to pull them out). How her thumb immediately goes to her mouth when she is upset and needs a cuddle. The mad face she makes when someone tells her “no”. The silly sounds she makes in her room when I first put her to bed before she finally goes to sleep. Big, open mouth kisses and hugs when I pretend I’m sad (and sometimes just because she wants to). These are all the little details I don’t want to forget about her <3″ 2015-02-10_0028

Why is it so hard to remember the little things? When I think about my oldest girl at Grace’s age it’s hard to recall all those details about her. My mind plays tricks on me, making me think things were a certain way that maybe they really weren’t. Thankfully I took videos and lots of photos that help me remember.

But there’s never enough. Time goes by too quickly and sometimes little things are lost. There are not enough photos in the world to remember everything. As a mom, it is so sad to think that I won’t remember everything. But I keep taking photos and hope that I can capture as much as I can so that when they are older, I know who they were back then.




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