Week 47, Upbeat | 2015 Project 52

March 21, 2016

“I don’t know what was so funny, but their laughter sure brightened up my day.”


Grace is finally at an age where she can play with her big sister. I say finally with much reluctance, because I was in no rush for her to get to that point. Although it does make for some entertaining afternoons watching them make up stories together with the Little People or the baby dolls. Sofia will tell her little sis what to do and Grace will follow along obediently. “Otay Sissy!” she’ll say and march down the hall after her.

On this particular day we were drawing at the kitchen table. Sofia loves to draw and of course Grace wants to do whatever Sofia does. Sofia explains to Grace how to hold the pencil (“Mommy and Daddy in the front, the kids in the back”). Grace tries for a second, but soon gets frustrated and gives up, holding it whatever way feels right at the time.

Sofia’s drawings are always different. One day its a house, the next a bird. Then, a robot family or a giraffe. Sometimes it doesn’t look like anything at all, but she knows what it is and she’ll tell me matter-of-factly that it’s people or monsters or a self portrait. She’s so serious when she’s creating.

This was the day she lost her first tooth, so I made sure to document that, and for once she obliged and I got some shots of that beautiful smile I love so much, missing tooth gap and all.

Grace just laughs at her sister, which makes Sofia laugh too. Who knows what they are laughing at, but it is a wonderful sound.

Days like that are pretty normal in our house, full of little moments that make me smile (and lots that make me not smile), and definitely upbeat.






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