“These blankets are her security. They are never far from reach. They are worn, but so soft and perfect for cuddles and comfort. They have holes and stains, but she doesn’t care.”


Grace’s blankets (blankies or “mankies” as she calls them) are something special. I bought a bunch of them when she was born, thinking they would be great for swaddling, light cover in the summer and just because they were pretty. They have now become a necessity for bedtime, tantrums and everything in between.

Who knows why these blankets are so special and important to her. If she’s upset or needs a cuddle, she cries for them. Then she searches for the tags, which she then rubs between her fingers. That and her thumb in her mouth, give her immediate comfort and she relaxes.

There is something to be said for a comfy, cozy blankie. Mommy just needs to have backups on hand in case something ever happens to one or more of them!


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