Week 44, My Happy Place | 2014 Project 52

February 1, 2015

“My happy place is behind this little person, chasing her, protecting her from the clumsiness that comes along with constant curiosity in everything around her. Next week she turns one, so today we had a little family celebration and all she wanted to do was climb on the presents. That’s my girl <3” 2014-12-18_0012

It was so much fun watching Grace open her birthday gifts. She had no idea what was going on, and she really didn’t care about what was inside the wrapping paper. She just wanted to climb on top and bounce. Her sister helped her though, and once the gifts were all opened she was happy to play.

Seriously, being with these two girls – wherever they are – is my happy place. They bring me so much joy every single day. Sometimes I just sit and watch them play and it amazes me that I created these two lives. There isn’t a much better place to be than with them.



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