Week 43, Treasure | 2015 Project 52

February 27, 2016

“Every little creation, every paint stroke and marker scribble, art project and colouring page. Little treasures from my girls.”


Man it’s hard to not keep every single piece of art that my girls create. They put so much effort and concentration and love into each one, that it breaks my heart to throw them out.

Sofia will draw a picture of a robot and bring it to me with such pride, saying “I made this for you mommy to keep!”

And so I have artwork everywhere. Everywhere. It’s on my desk, pinned to my cork board in my office, on the kitchen table, stashed in desk drawers, piled up on the bookshelf and decorating the walls of their rooms.

Sometimes, I give in and toss them in the trash when they aren’t looking. I always feel guilty, but I just can’t hang on to every single scrap of paper glued to another scrap of paper, right?

But there are many that I keep. I have a bag of the most special piece of art. The first time Sofia drew a happy face. Her first family portrait. The first painting Grace created intentionally. I don’t know if I’ll keep them forever, but for now I know they are there, and I can take them out and admire their skills and creativity and imagination once in a while.

In the end it’s not really the actual artwork that I like to admire. I enjoy just watching them create; the messes, the stories behind the pictures, the way the colours mix and paint ends up on the tip of their noses, those are the things that make memories.




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