Week 42, Food | 2014 Project 52

February 1, 2015

“I love Sunday mornings because we get to have breakfast together. Food brings family together <3”

For this theme, I wanted to step outside the box. Sure, I could have taken a photo of any kind of food (and I actually do like taking still life photos and playing with light). But instead, I thought about how the simple act of eating together as a family connects us. I’ll be honest, we don’t do it as much as we should. It’s easier sometimes to bring our food to the living room and eat in front of the TV. And even when we do all sit around the table together, Sofia comes and goes, Grace just wants out of her highchair to go play, and we hurry to eat so we can get the kids ready for bed. But sometimes, sometimes we talk. And those short fleeting moments together mean a lot. I am sure as the girls get older we will do it more often and longer, and I know it will be a time that we can find out about each others’ days and just chat. The kitchen table is a place to put food, but it is also a place to gather.



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