Week 41, Golden Hour | 2014 Project 52

January 22, 2015

“We are trying to soak up every nice day, because winter comes much too soon in Saskatchewan. So we spent some time at the park just playing tag and hide and seek, and searching for ladybugs. I love these times with my girls <3” 2014-12-18_0006

Every photographer loves Golden Hour. It is the time of day when the light is dreamy, the shadows are long, and there is a glow that makes perfect photos. In the summertime, the golden hour is later at night and in the winter is early afternoon. But in the fall, it is at the perfect early evening time, and with changing leaves and cool temperatures it really is the perfect time of day – for both taking photos and playing at the park.

I feel like sometimes I’m on a never ending search for golden hour. There is nothing quite like a beautifully backlit photo or the haze of the setting sun in a child’s hair. And now as I sit inside on a cold winter day, I dream of those sunlit fall evenings when we can play hide and seek, cuddling and eat snacks on a blanket in the park. Missing those days ;)




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