Week 39, Hope | 2015 Project 52

January 4, 2016

“‘Hope dances in puddles ’til the sun comes out again’

When there are rain clouds over us, we have to have hope. We have to push through each day and remember that there can be joy despite the rain.”


Sometimes it feels like the rain or cold will never end. Sometimes you want to just curl up in a ball and wait until the storm passes. Sometimes it’s not easy to get up in the morning.

But sometimes you pick yourself up, you walk out into the rain and you embrace it.

That’s what I did a lot last year, both literally and figuratively. I often felt like putting down my camera because it was too hard to try and be creative or to push through. When the weather is gloomy in the fall and cold in the winter, it’s harder to find the light. But every now and then I do it anyway, and it’s totally worth it. Because it shouldn’t always be about how nice the weather is, or how easy it is to get up and do something. It should be about the moment, about having the strength to do it anyway.

And when I feel lost, I have to search for beauty in the clouds. And I know the sun will always shine again.





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