“This small iceberg was once part of something much larger. Last week it was floating into the bay in the small Newfoundland town of Leading Tickles. Icebergs are fascinating because they represent the purest, most untouched place on earth.”


We spent an afternoon in Leading Tickles, just in awe of the icebergs. Even though I grew up in Newfoundland, I don’t remember being as amazed at the icebergs as I am now. They’re just so cool! And to be that close to them to be able to reach out and touch them was really a once in a lifetime experience (especially when you live on the prairies!)

Sofia wanted to keep some of the icebergs, so we broke a piece off and put it in a cup for her. Unfortunately, by the time we made it back to Nanny and Poppy’s house, it had melted and she didn’t quite understand why.


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