Week 31, Landscape | 2014 Project 52

August 28, 2014

“This was the perfect theme for me this week because I’m on holidays in my home province of Newfoundland. The landscape here is drastically different than the flat fields of the prairies and I miss it every day when I’m not here.

Newfoundland is saltwater and seaweed. It is rocks and hills and brooks through the trees. It is lobsters and the smell of fish and fresh bread. It is breezy days and humid nights. It is blueberries picked straight from the bush, distant icebergs and sunsets over the bay. No matter how far I go, Newfoundland will always be home to me xo

P.S. This shot is straight out of the camera because I don’t have access to Photoshop while I was on vacation :)”


These photos are pretty self-explanatory, but I will write a bit about the whole experience of shooting them. Ever since we had arrived in Newfoundland, I was desperate to get some photos of a beautiful sunset. Every night that I missed one I grumbled, so finally my husband Michael got me out of the house to go in search of the elusive sunset over the water.

I walked along the beach, listening to the water, watching the sun go down behind the clouds. Every minute that passed by created a new image in front of me. I sat for a while in the sand and just snapped.

As I sat there I understood the phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder” because I have never been as fond of my home province as I was during this trip. I appreciated every bit of it more than I ever did while I lived there. Oh, Saskatchewan has amazing sunsets too. But being home is what made it mean so much. And yes, Newfoundland will always be my home. At least, it’s where a part of me will always live xo