Week 31, Adventure | 2015 Project 52

November 13, 2015

“I’m a little late submitting for last week because, appropriately, we were off on an adventure! One of the places we visited was Drumheller, Alberta. The badlands are so fascinating because the landscape is drastically different than the surrounding prairies. Sofia wasn’t really interested in the landscape as much as the dinosaurs though. For her, it was a whole different kind of adventure.”


Some days, adventures happen right in our living room or back yard. It comes in the form of blanket forts and princess dresses. Those everyday adventures are so much fun. But sometimes, we get to go on real adventures. We were in a new place, surrounded by people and dinosaurs and so many interesting creatures. For once, she didn’t have to use her imagination. She could see for herself that these things were real – are real.

And out there in the hot sun, we walked. We watched for prairie dogs popping out of their holes and searched as far as our eyes could see for dinosaurs. It’s so amazing to watch a five-year-old discover a new place.

But honestly, every day is an adventure for me with my two girls.




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