Week 3, Light | 2015 Project 52

February 20, 2015

“I want my daughters to find what they love. I want them to try lots of different things, fail at some but get excited about others. Maybe photography won’t be her thing, but right now it is new and makes her feel just like mommy. The most important thing is that she finds something, anything, that gives her goosebumps the way perfect light on a late winter afternoon gives me.”


I’ve always been a photographer. As a kid I carried around a camera everywhere I went. I drove my friends crazy taking photos of everything we did. The first photos I ever took were at a grade 4 class trip and I cut off all my teachers’ heads.

It wasn’t until I started my business and really devoted myself to learning how to take this hobby and love for photography and learn the technical side of it, that I became to understand the importance of light. And more so, how to see light differently.

Light is everything to a photographer. It is everything to each and every photograph. Without light there is nothing. And knowing how to use light to create beautiful photos is something that constantly challenges me, and something I am learning every time I click the shutter.

Everywhere I go I look at the light, how it streams in an open window or through sheer curtains, how it creates flare and colours in the air, the way the shadows dance on the wall. Every time there is a beautiful sunset, I want to take photos of it, around it, with it. If I miss a sunset, I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity. Golden hours come and go and I want to be out in them taking photos, trying new angles, seeing how that perfect light reflects off of different subjects. I search my home for new pockets of light. I stand Sofia in front of the sun and take shot after shot trying to find that perfect backlit image.

As a photographer, I can’t go anywhere without looking at the light. It consumes me. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s a curse. But I wouldn’t change it, because it is who I am. I am just glad that I was able to find that thing that makes me whole, gives me purpose. I wish that for everyone.



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