Week 29, Rich | 2015 Project 52

October 5, 2015

“In many ways, we are not rich. There are a lot of things I wish we could afford, we have tons of debt and stress and have relied on help from people who love us.

But that’s ok.

Because being rich isn’t having a lot of money or things. It is having those people who can help us when we need it. It is having a roof over our head, food on the table and waking up in the morning to face another day. We have the luxury of quiet moments after supper when Sofia is doing her homework and Grace is trying to copy her.

When I watch my girls together, I know I really am rich. When I had them, I won the lottery.”


The things that complete me aren’t things. Every time I capture a moment with my camera – or my memory – I feel like I have added to my wealth. My girls’ smiles, their laughter, the memories we make together, the everyday simple moments that don’t seem to matter much, mean everything.

No matter how much money I have in my bank account, how many ‘things’ I collect, I will never feel as rich as I do knowing that I have a family I love. To be able to teach my girls to be good, kind people, to show them how to go out into the big scary world. These are privileges that I am so lucky to have.

I hope I spend my wealth wisely.




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