Week 27, Morning | 2015 Project 52

August 27, 2015

“Toast with peanut butter, cereal with “white milk”, juice pops, PJs and a fresh diaper, the iPad playing Blues Clues (or Peg + Cat or Paw Patrol), a game of Head and Shoulders followed by giggles. This is how our mornings go, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”


Sometimes our mornings are chaotic. As soon as the girls are awake they want to eat. Grace is especially impatient, and she usually has at least one meltdown next to the fridge while I prepare her breakfast. Sometimes they sit together at their little table, and sometimes there is a trail of crumbs from the kitchen to the couch. But that’s ok because Bobbi, our dog, is usually following behind licking them up.

Sometimes it gets quiet then, as they settle in for a few minutes to eat and watch cartoons. Other days they play, laughing as they run down the hallway or build a fort in the living room.

I usually have to wait until they are occupied to drink my coffee. And most often I don’t get to finish it right away because they are done their cereal and want the next course, or they need me to help pour milk, or I need to break up a fight.

It’s crazy and frustrating and loud and wonderful and I know I’ll miss these mornings when the girls grow up.




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