Week 27, Euphoria | 2014 Project 52

July 9, 2014

“He never worried about not having a son, he always said, “I will take her fishing and camping if she wants to go.” Last weekend he got to teach his big girl how to fish. This was his heaven xo”


On our way to Turtle Lake for a mini-vacation with close friends, we stopped in Wal Mart to get Sofia a new life jacket. I am not sure who spotted the fishing kit, but regardless Sofia was pumped to go fishing. So, the first thing she did when we arrived was pulling out her new rod. Michael taught her how to cast and reel it in, and soon she was “fishing” off the dock.

Watching her get so excited about something – even if it was just that she “caught” the rubber fish over and over – and seeing how proud it made her daddy, made my heart so happy. I love that they can connect over something like that.

She may not always love fishing, but he will always remember that she did when she was four years old xo