Week 26, Magic | 2015 Project 52

August 23, 2015

“I don’t always feel the magic in everyday moments, in the messiness and chaos of our simple life as it is happening.

But then I hand my camera to my husband and when I look at the photos later, I see it there in the sun setting around us, the laughter of Sofia on my lap and Grace with her thumb in her mouth (because it’s past her bedtime). I can almost hear the rush of the water and feel the rocking of the boat and the wind in our hair. This was a special moment filled with magic, and I am so glad he caught it.”


There are not a lot of photos of me that aren’t selfies. I am always the one with the camera, and it is not often that I get in front of it. Michael knows this and every now and then he offers to take the camera and get me in some photos. I have had to give him little lessons on how to use my camera, which not only is difficult and complicated to learn but is customized to the way I like to use it which makes it even harder to figure out. Then he has the added challenge of trying to capture something that lives up to my expectations. I am in no way a perfect photographer (not that there is such a thing…) but I am a perfectionist in my own way when it comes to photos. Add to that the tendency to, like most of us, hate me in photographs and he’s got a challenge on his hands.

I have to hand it to him though, he has managed to capture some pretty special moments. And sometimes, like this one, everything just comes together to create magic. I will cherish this image forever. It is so important to get in photos with your kids, your family, anyone you love. These are the moments you want to remember.




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