Week 25, Dreamy | 2014 Project 52

June 25, 2014

“It’s been raining a lot this week and my girl was sick, so when the rain let up and she got a bit of energy back we went out puddle jumping. The good thing about all this rain is the vibrant green of the trees and giant puddles for splashing in. I love the dreamy smile on her face, and the effect of my Lensbaby on the surrounding trees. And me, well I’m dreaming of sunny days.”


These are some of my favourite images of Sofia that I’ve ever taken. I love how carefree she was that afternoon. She was free and alive after being stuck in the house for so long, and her imagination was running wild.

I just watched as she splashed in the puddles, not worrying about getting wet. She shrieked as she jumped in, and giggled as she swirled a stick in the murky water, making “mud soup”.

I’m sure Sofia could have stayed there for hours, laughing and running back and forth from puddle to puddle. Oh to be a kid again, when something so simple can be so wonderful. I’m not sure who is the dreamy one in this situation; the child with the big imagination or the mom wishing she could have as much fun. Well ok, I did have fun too :)