“This is the face of a girl who was free to run in our front yard, to explore spaces she had never been, pockets of sunshine with pebbles and sticks, to find flowers and practice going down the one little step on our driveway. She never gets to play out front, but with a little supervision from mommy and big sis, she got to feel real toddler freedom.”


She’s a daredevil in pigtails, running away when I tell her to come here, laughing the entire time. She does things because she knows I will say now. She copies every move her big sister does. It is a constant search for freedom, in the house, the backyard, the driveway.

Having a toddler is exhausting sometimes. She always wants to go. It’s an adventure from the moment she gets up in the morning and I have to try and wrangle her into a clean diaper. I don’t want to think about the day she gets real freedom. Meh, let’s just say that’s never going to happy ;)





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