Week 22, Special | 2015 Project 52

June 15, 2015

“Sofia has always been scared of people dressed up in costumes; mascots, characters. When she sees one, she will cling to my leg and cry. A few months ago we saw Elsa, Anna and Olaf at a winter festival and despite her love for Frozen, she wouldn’t go anywhere near them.

This weekend we went to the Children’s Festival and I saw Elsa and Anna on the other side of the park. I asked Sofia if she wanted to go see them, and she excitedly said yes. I was surprised and not sure how she would react. When we got closer, I could tell that she was thrilled to see them, but still felt that fear and shyness. I told her it was ok, that she didn’t have to go over there. She stood there, looking at them with awe, and I knew that even if she was scared she was happy. This was the best I could do for a photo of her with them, but I think it’s pretty special.”


The PotashCorp Children’s Festival in Saskatoon is a pretty special event. It’s one of my favourite events and I look forward to it every year. This is the fourth year we have attended and it never disappoints.

We first brought Sofia there when she was just a toddler, and she spent most of her time there in the “Kinder Garden”. It is a fenced-in area with sandboxes, slides, playhouses, dress-up clothes and lots more for the littlest kids.

As she has gotten older, she has come to love the other activities too, especially the fossil dig, face painting and planting sunflowers in a cup. Every year we have watched her excitement as her flowers sprout up from the dirt and then we plant the flowers together as a family. This year her little sister was able to join in the fun and she loved the Kinder Garden too.

The festival is such a fun-filled event for everyone. It’s a safe, happy place for families to bring their kids, where they can act like kids too, and everyone can play and be entertained.

I believe that doing things like this as a family helps us grow, helps our children grow and learn. Sofia has changed a lot since we started going to the Children’s Festival, and I love seeing her excitement as she remembers how much fun she has had there. And now she has a new memory – meeting Elsa and Anna – to add to her growing list.





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