Week 22, My Life | 2014 Project 52

June 6, 2014

“My life is changing day to day with this little one. This week she started crawling, well dragging herself around, so we have to baby proof our house (and watch where we step!). It’s always an adventure and I feel so lucky to be living this wonderful life xo”


When I was coming up with an idea for this week’s theme, I knew I wanted to represent something really real in my life right now. I also wanted to try and be creative, and push myself to do something different.

So, of course this little monkey is what is happening in my life. Every day is a new experience for both her and us, as she learns to sit without wobbling, starts eating new foods, keeps us up at night because she’s teething and becomes more and more mobile. Even though she is our second child, I feel like this is the first time because Grace is so different from her sister. I’m realizing that no matter how many times you go through something like raising a child, you never really become an expert at it.

With all of its challenges, tears, laughter and joy, my life is perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing.




I was honoured to have my image for this week’s theme chose for the My Four Hens Photography Project 52 Eye Candy blog post. It’s not the first time my photo has been among such amazing talent, but even so it feels amazing to be recognized like this.