Week 21, My Backyard | 2014 Project 52

May 27, 2014

“Baby Grace sat in the grass for the first time this week. She wasn’t scared of it like her sister was, and she kept grabbing hand fulls and trying to stuff it in her mouth.

Our backyard is a place we relax, lay on the grass and look up at the clouds, have family barbeques and run in the sprinkler, campfires and kick the soccer ball. And it’s the place where we can have lots of firsts like this xo”


We moved into our house last September, before Baby Grace was born. The house we left was beautiful and new, but one thing it didn’t have was a nice backyard. There was no fence so therefore no privacy and we rarely spent time out there because of that.

At our new home, we have this wonderful yard with a high fence, a beautiful deck that’s shady for much of the day and space to run and play. We’ve already spent more time there than we spent in the old yard in the three years we lived there.

I love having a place like that, where we can spend time, where there’s a playhouse and a slide, where there’s a little garden and dirt to make mud with. Our yard has all of these things and I expect there will be many photos taken there xo