Week 21, Fragile | 2015 Project 52

June 10, 2015

“This week was hard for me. Although, strangely the theme fits perfectly with my life at the moment. My photography, and my business, are fragile right now. I am struggling to balance my love for photography and the need to help support my family. I don’t want to stop doing the one thing that is for me, that makes me whole. But every day the inspiration gets harder and harder to grasp.

Tonight, this storm saved me. I wasn’t even going to take a photo for this week’s theme. But as Sofia and I stood watching the storm approach, I couldn’t NOT take a photo of it. And that is what will keep me going. No matter how fragile I feel, I can’t let go of this thing that completes me. I can’t watch life go by without capturing it with my camera.

Some days will be stormy, but I will take cover and wait it out. And I really hope that the sun shines again soon.”


Feeling fragile can be a very personal thing. We all go through times in our lives when we feel lost, empty, alone, and on the verge of breaking. It’s hard to be positive when there are storm clouds over your head.

But you push through, take it one day at a time, and eventually, the storm passes. There may be more storms on the horizon, but you have to live for the moment. It’s not easy.

Luckily, there can be beauty in a storm, as dark as it is.




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