Week 19, Home Sweet Home | 2015 Project 52

May 24, 2015

” I have lived in many different places. I grew up in a small town in Newfoundland, a place that will always be a part of me. I lived in a high rise in downtown Halifax. It was one of my first homes with my now husband and our cat. I lived in Northern Saskatchewan, in a tiny old house that made us homeowners.

Now we live in another small town in Saskatchewan, where we have put down roots with our girls. We have rooms full of toys, a messy kitchen, crayon stained walls and a big backyard that is perfect for running through the sprinkler, kicking a ball and playing house.

I have called all of these places home, and no matter where we live our home will be where we are together, full of love and happiness.”


I am so lucky to have a home that I love. Where our children can play and run and be happy. There are toys wall to wall and their rooms are pink and purple. But it is not those things that make this house a home. It is the laughter that we hear when they play together (and sometimes the crying, but that’s ok too). It’s the hugs and boo boo kisses, the warm blankets for cuddling under, the pretend meals of plastic corn and strawberries (and the real meals of corn and strawberries). Our home is us. It is our arms around each other, and the love that is always there holding us together as a family.

We may not live in this house forever, but wherever we live will be home because we will be there.




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