Week 18, Moody | 2014 Project 52

May 8, 2014

“I was planning on taking a dark, black and white shot for this theme, but then my baby girl had one of her moody days and I just had to capture her sad face. Even when she’s upset she is cute (and that lip is going to make it hard to not give in to her as she gets older!)”


I seriously can’t stop taking pictures of this kid. She is getting such a silly, sweet personality. She watches everything around her, and she is becoming so sensitive. The other day, she started crying when she thought Sofia was hurting. She loses it when I leave the room. But then she is a super happy baby too. She loves her jumperoo and gets a huge kick out of bouncing. She cracks up at peek-a-boo.

Grace turned six months old this week, and I am desperately trying to hold on to every moment. I am so glad I have this gift of photos that I can keep close to me to remember all the little things about her at each age. These moments don’t last long enough. It seems like I was just worried about having a newborn again, and now that stage is gone and replaced with a baby who is growing way too fast.

I feel so blessed to have two beautiful and perfect daughters. I worry about them constantly. I’ve never felt love like this, so strong that sometimes it hurts. Being a mother is such a gift, but such a challenge. I wouldn’t change a thing <3 IMG_1571-copy