Week 15, White | 2014 Project 52

April 14, 2014

“Leftover snow can’t stop us from enjoying some long-awaited spring weather. Love me some exploring, giggling, collecting rocks and dreamy backlight xo”


‘White’ was a pretty simple theme, especially with there still being snow on the ground around here. But I wanted to have fun with it and took the opportunity to spend some time with my big girl and do some exploring. We were so excited to have some warm weather and be able to get outside after such a long winter.

So we went for a little walk down our street, through some mud puddles and snow, and upon the hill where there are some old train tracks. She collected rocks, picked blades of grass (oh how we missed seeing the grass!) and sat on the hill so I could snap some shots.

I love love love these simple images of her, smiling, laughing, being herself. I want to bottle up her personality so I can remember it when she’s older. She is so curious and observant and amazed by all the little things around her.

I love how she is open to me taking her picture (most of the time) lately, and how she sometimes poses or grins at the camera, but sometimes I catch these in-between moments when she’s not paying attention to me.

Years from now, I know I will be so happy to have images like this to look back on. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do, for others and for myself and my family xo