Week 14, Radiate | 2014 Project 52

April 7, 2014

“When I heard the theme was radiate, I thought of the warmth from the sun, light streaming in a window, a huge smile on a child’s face. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all that sunny here and my daughter was too sick this week to smile much.

This morning I woke up to spring frost on the trees. I love the way it radiates off of the branches in all directions. It is not what I had in mind for this week’s photo, but I kind of like it.

Now, I’d like it even more if we’d stop getting frost and start getting some of that sunshine ;)”


After such a long cold winter, I was really trying to find the beauty around me. When all you see for six months is snow and bare trees, you long for something green, something alive.

On this particular morning, I was not thrilled to see this layer of frost on everything. But when I looked closer, I saw how cool the frost looked. And as much as I want to despise mother nature on morning like that, I couldn’t help but venture outside to take photos of it.

So, you can find beauty in dreary places. I still can’t wait for golden sunsets and warm breezes through the leaves, but for now I will look for the beauty that radiates from all things around me.