Week 12, Blue | 2014 Project 52

March 22, 2014

“I keep telling her that pink is not just for girls, just like blue is not just for boys. Even princesses can wear blue”

The thing that I love about this Project 52 is that it pushes me to capture little things in our lives that are happening during that week, that maybe I wouldn’t have thought to photograph otherwise.

When Sofia was a baby I wrote everything down in her baby book – the big things like her first word, her first tooth, silly things she did. But after a while, I stopped documenting things. At the time I thought, “oh I’ll remember the way she pronounces that word funny” or “I won’t forget the way she lined up all her toys so she could put on a show for them”. But the reality is, over time you do forget those things. With another child with milestones to record, there’s no way we can remember everything.

So I try to make these photos count. It would have been easy to look around the house for something blue for this week’s theme. Actually, I did take a few shots of Sofia’s blue chair and a shrivelled up blue balloon, trying to be creative. But then I spotted her blue crown that she had just decorated a few days before. And I knew that the story behind that crown was way better than a picture of that sad balloon.

One day last week, my husband was wearing a pink shirt, one he had to wear for Anti-bullying day at work. Immediately, Sofia laughed and told him he was funny because he was wearing pink and pink is for girls. So we took the opportunity to explain that it’s ok for boys to wear pink, just like it’s fine for her to wear blue. Somewhere along the way in school or while watching TV she got the impression that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. But I want her to know that she can wear whatever colour she wants, and other people can do the same. And that she shouldn’t make fun of someone else for wearing something that she thinks is different or funny.

It’s not an easy lesson to teach, but already she is starting to understand. I love that now I can look back at these photos and remember her at this age and how she was learning about the world around her. And I think she looks pretty great in her blue crown too :)