Week 11, Reality | 2015 Project 52

April 9, 2015

“The truth is that my girls don’t always want their picture taken. Sometimes they run in the opposite direction. While I am desperately trying to ‘capture the moment’, they just want to live in it and play and have fun. And sometimes mommy taking their picture isn’t their idea of fun.”


I share a lot of photos of my girls, and most of them are happy, smiling moments, giggles, special moments I want to remember. But the reality is that our life is not always like that. It is true that people don’t take photos of the bad times, the difficult things in their lives, sad moments. And for good reason; we want to remember the good times and forget the bad ones.

I love to take photos of my daughters, but a lot of the time it’s not as simple as them posing for the camera or cooperating while I try to capture candid moments. Much of the time it’s me subtly trying to “direct” them while they ignore me or do the exact opposite of what I want. Or they realize that I have my camera out and they purposely go in the other direction or stop what they were doing. It’s a good thing for a digital camera, because I’ve had to delete hundreds of out of focus, under or overexposed shots, and photos with scrunched up faces, tears and the backs of my kids’ heads.

I admit it’s hard sometimes for me to put the camera down and just live in the moment. But sometimes I just have to give up and give in. And that’s ok.






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