Week 1, Fresh | 2015 Project 52

February 12, 2015

“Give her a fresh blank sheet of paper and she’s in heaven. She has been spending her days drawing family portraits, giraffes, houses and flowers. Today, I taught her how to draw a penguin and she was thrilled. I love her creativity and I like to think she gets some of it from me ;)”


I spent one morning in January trying to bribe and beg Sofia to put on the Elsa dress she got for Christmas. The morning light was so pretty and I had this vision of her twirling and smiling in the sun.

Something I need to remind myself is that the forced shots are not the real ones. Right after I took the first shot she stopped spinning and asked if she could take the dress off.

I won’t look at this photo and remember how happy she was playing dress-up, but I will remember that she did it for me because I wanted her to. I hope she sees this image down the road and remembers being a princess.

I’m learning that our children will be who they want to be, and I don’t want to stop that. Sofia loves drawing, and I will encourage that. She may never love playing dress-up, and that is perfectly ok. I love her for who she is.



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