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February 25, 2018

When I have giveaways I want to meet new people, find potential clients and make myself visible. I also want to give something to someone who may not otherwise have booked with me. In this case, I wanted to give someone an in-home session because many people don’t even know it’s an option.

In the past we all had posed family portraits. The plain blue background, me sitting behind my little brother, dressed in our best clothes, the photographer waving a toy above his head so we could look towards the camera. Since those days portraits are still popular (and that’s not a bad thing!) but lifestyle photography is starting to become more popular. Despite the rise in photographers offering this service, I’ve been told several times by clients just in the last few months that they didn’t know in-home sessions were a thing. And once they discovered it, they were so happy they found me because it suits them much better than studio portraits.

Telling a family’s story at home

This beautiful family won my last giveaway and it was perfect for them because they recently built their dream home. And what a beautiful home it is! I made sure to have them spend time in all their favourite rooms, because it helps tell their story. The two sweet sisters, so close in age, already have a special bond and I could tell as I followed them around playing together. I especially loved watching them perform for me in their ballet outfits.

Showing kids’ personalities is one of the most important parts of a session for me, and it’s not something that is easy to do during a posed studio session. But at home, they were eager to show me their room, their toys and their princess dresses. We even played a game of “Soggy Doggy” together. I let them choose what they want to do, I encourage them to play and have fun, and I get to have fun too!

Mom told me in her post-session questionnaire that she was so happy to see her girls’ personalities shine through the photos. “My favourite photos were the up close silly smiles of my children – they were totally natural and not forced,” she wrote.
I always find that at the beginning of an in-home session everyone is a bit uncomfortable, like they are not sure what to do. But as they realize that I’m not going to make them do anything that’s not their normal, it becomes so much more relaxed. I just want to capture your family dynamic, your memories and your life as it is.

Little moments, big smiles

At the end of the session we spent sometime outside. They live right on the St. John River, so we walked down by the water and played in the snow. I even got into a snowball fight with the girls (you have see the shots of that!)

“I also loved our outdoor photos as the kids were having so much fun in the fresh air, their smiles are so genuine in those photos and the afternoon light was perfect,” said mom.

I’m just so happy when I look back on the photos from a session and can truly see the love of a family for each other. This time in their life won’t last forever, but they will always have these images to remind them of the joy they had in their new home while their girls were small.

To book an in-home session with me to preserve your family memories, get in touch here.

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in-home session
in-home session
in-home session
in-home session
in-home session
in-home session
in-home session


What a fun session! So many great images.

These are great! I’m sure the sisters will cherish these for years to come. I’m also pretty jealous of those pom-pom hats.

Right?! They were so sweet!

These are all so fun. What an awesome day!

these are so beautiful, i’m sure they will cherish the photos forever. I love how the lifestyle photos show the girl’s different personalities and the great relationship they have with each other.

I really hope they can see that when they are older, they are the cutest sisters!

Those are the sweetest little girls! The family is going to love these!

STUNNING captures! Truly. Each one is lovelier than the last.

Wow thanks so much Erika! I really appreciate that :)

Wow. Excellent Photos and such a Beautiful family! They’re so lucky to have such a talented photographer to document their day! How did you get your colors to come out like that?

Thank you so much for the kind words! I edit in ACR and use the Storyteller presets by “Photo: Art By Jessica”. They are amazing!

You got really nice pictures, the silly smiles close ups are nice indeed!

Thank you! I love those close up too.

This is such a fun in home session! You definitely captured these girls in their natural environment just being themselves!

Thanks! The girls loved performing and playing for the camera!

what a blessing for this family to cherish these beautiful every day moments!

I hope they love them! It was such a fun day!

Thank you Allie! I hope they think so too!


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