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June 28, 2020

Summer is here! We are so happy to see the sun, feel the warmth and be getting lots of fresh air. After so many months of a strange new day to day life, it feels so good to be focusing on fun again. Who knew that getting the kids to wash the car was the way to have fun?

Ok the truth is sometimes I make the kids do something because I know it will make great photos. Does that make me a bad mom? Nah, I know they will have fun too lol.

I was actually surprised by how much fun they had washing the car that day. Except Grace, who ran in the house as soon as we turned the hose on.

I didn’t really care if they got the car clean, I just wanted to get some shots of them laughing, spraying and scrubbing. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the most fun.

For a few short minutes they were focused on their “job” (and trying to make rainbows with the hose spray), and that was perfectly fine with me.

Each month I join a group of photographers to document 30 minutes in our lives. From the quiet moments to milestones, we all have stories to tell. Scroll through my photos and then see who is up next in our blog loop!

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Kids washing car
Car wash kids

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That’s hilarious that Grace bailed. These are great shots – love the one where he’s jumping to reach the window!

Thanks! It was fun until it wasn’t anymore haha!

Great combination of business and pleasure!!! Love the feeling here!

I was not seriously doing photography when my kids were little but I am sure I would have looked for the photo ops as well. They look like they had a great time together washing your car. What fun!

Wonderful images and such great summer memories!

Every photographer is always looking for a photo op! What a fun one you found! I love the rainbow in the water…and it looks like they really did a good job!


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