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July 29, 2019

“In the life of a photographer, whose art is created in tiny fractions of a second, thirty minutes is a sustained thought. Thirty minutes, the length of a child’s ballet class, a quick sauce’s simmer, a commute, is long enough to witness change and short enough to be over before you know it. We offer you here our monthly results of thirty minutes of watching and waiting and recording, of rendering permanent those fractions of a second that slip past in the time it takes to watch a television show. Thirty minutes in the life.

This month I have joined an incredible group of photographers for a blog circle documenting thirty minutes in each of our lives. Make sure you click the link at the end of this post to continue the loop!

I have so many photos from different beaches. I have admitted before that it is my happy place, so how can I not take photos when we are there?

But this beach was special.

We discovered Glassy Beach on our recent trip to Newfoundland. I heard about it from a friend but went looking for it without really know what we’d find there. We were amazed to find this little hidden treasure, a beach literally covered in sea glass. There was green, white and sometimes blue pieces. Some were once dishes and mugs, others pop and other various bottles. It was fun to guess what each piece used to be.

We played on the beach, search for gems, while a man fished nearby. The girls enjoyed time spent with their grandparents and I watched each moment with joy in my heart.

Thirty Minutes in the life
Thirty minutes in the life
Thirty minutes in the life
Thirty minutes in the life

Next in our blog circle is Ceri Herd Photography. Go see what her thirty minutes was like! And don’t forget to check out all the other posts in the circle too!


Beautiful images of your time spent on the beach. I love the pops of color against the environment.

Beautiful work. I loved seeing these and it made me feel like I was there!

These are awesome. I love the idea of picking up sea glass and they look like they had a whole lot of fun. Now you will have to find a way to make some jewelry with it.I especially love your narrow depth of field images. Stunning. Thanks for sharing this month.Welcome to the group, we are so glad that you have joined us.

That’s so interesting! Your images tell such a beautiful story and I love that the grandparents are included.

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