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April 26, 2020

I haven’t been keeping up with my 30 Minutes in the Life blog circle, but this month I knew I had to join in again. It’s been too long! I spend my days documenting our life, but I rarely share all the images. Plus, I really love seeing what the other photographers in the group have been up to.

These are strange times, but one thing that has stayed constant for me is the need to document our everyday. I have always done that and it feels even more important now that ever. I need my girls to look back on these images and see the goodness in our life, the fun and the joy. We are all scared and living a life that isn’t “normal”, but we still have to live.

On Easter Sunday, the sun shone and we spent it outside, thankful for the fresh air. We blew giant rainbow bubbles and took a family front steps photo. Then as the sun was setting on a perfect day, we had a distanced visit with out neighbours.

It’s been so hard to be away from our friends, but we keep in touch through the fence and make sure to let the kids know that this won’t be forever.

But for now we will enjoy the little moments and make sure to laugh lots.

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Blowing giant bubbles
Blowing bubbles at sunset
Family photo

Next up in this month’s blog circle is Kristina Dominianni from Hello Olivia Photography. Go see what she’s been up to and make sure to leave some love for her and everyone else!


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Jennifer, these images are fantastic. I love the size of the bubbles and the colors in them are amazing I love the image of your daughter inside the bubble and the drops in the next image as well. What a fun way to spend the day. Makes me wish there were little kids in my home.

Wow! The one where the bubble framed your doughter is wonderful!!! Love it!

That light is so gorgeous!!!! I love how you captured your unconventional Easter! While I agree that its pretty hard being separated from friends and family – it looks like you guys are making the best of it <3

I love bubbles! And the colors you captured are so vivid! Beautiful work.


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