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October 20, 2017

“I loved how comfortable the shoot was and how there was no stress to have 2 kids sit and say cheese for hundreds of pictures . I love Jennifer’s style of photography. Each and every photo she took of our family was amazing.” – Alicia, Moments and Memories sessions

When I set out to do my Moments and Memories sessions, I never imagined the response I would get. I heard from so many moms who told me over and over that they wanted to be in more photos with their kids. They pointed out how important it is to capture memories as they happen because their kids would only be young for a short time. I always knew that other moms felt that way, but it blew me away that so many recognized the need to be there with their children. And they had that desire to make it a reality.

Alicia told me such wonderful things about her little family, and how important it is for them to make memories together and document them.

“We think it is so important as parents to capture our moments together for our kids to see in the future,” she wrote in her pre-session questionnaire.

So we made some moments for them.

Alicia told me about so many wonderful places that they love to visit. So I let them pick a location, and they did not disappoint me. I followed them south of Oromocto to a little hidden waterfall. Unfortunately, it was all dried up. But what we got instead of rushing water was a riverbed full of leaves, a frog that big sis Bailee tried to catch (can you spot it in their photos?), and a beautiful spot in the trees for them to cuddle on a blanket.

But the light was just getting to that perfect golden hour glow, they suggested another place. They made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal, but when we arrived I was in heaven. A trail through the woods, leading down to the river. The water was low so we could skip over rocks to get across to a little falls, before turning the corner and becoming bathed in the most beautiful sunset light.

Yeah, I guess it was alright ;) But really, I am in love with all the new places that my clients are taking me!

I loved spending the evening with this family! By the end of the session Bailee was holding my hand and I got little sister Elsie laughing. The beautiful photos were the icing on the cake.

I love getting to know my clients, learning their story and then being able to tell a bit of it through my images. I hope they will remember this fun evening they spent together, because I know I will.

Want me to help you make some beautiful memories with your family? Get in touch!

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these are really sweet, the family will cherish them forever!

This is such a great family lifestyle session, with the kids just being kids! And what a perfect location!!

such beautiful memories this family has to look back on! GREAT!


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