The Sedgwick Family

March 10, 2017

This session was probably my very favourite session from 2016. That’s not to say I didn’t love every minute of every session I did, but this one was special to me because it went exactly the way I dream every session should go.

Over the last little while, and a lot of contemplating and soul searching, I have decided that I want my business to be families. I want to specialize in connections between moms, dads and their kids. I want to tell the story of families, down to the tiny details that make up their lives. I have been working towards this for a while, by starting to send clients a questionnaire that helps me get to know them before their session, so I can highlight the things that make their family special. It’s been working well, and this session with the Sedgwick family is a perfect example.

In their questionnaire, mom Lindsay told me that they wanted more photos of themselves because they don’t take nearly enough. She said she wanted photos that showed off her two girls’ eyes, because that is a detail about them she doesn’t want to forget even though they are very different from each other. I loved that so much! As parents, we spend so much time with our kids and we notice these things that make them, them. But years down the road, will we remember those things? Or will they fade into the background among all the other memories?

Lindsay also told me she wanted to spend time outside in their yard searching for ladybugs, sticks and leaves. This is something they did a lot last summer, as they had just moved to their farm and loved exploring it. So it only made sense that that is what we did at their session. We went straight to a spot in the backyard where ladybugs loved to congregate and the girls went right to town collecting them and showing me their “friends”.

And that is how their session went. We wandered around the yard, me looking for pretty light (which there was lots of that warm September evening!), the kids doing their thing while mom and dad got lots of cuddles and giggles. It was perfection.

All of the details that Lindsay wrote about in her questionnaire came through in their photos. From the farm backdrop that was their new home, to big sister Roquet dancing and chasing feathers, to the growing friendship between Roquet and her baby sister Thea. Even their dog Zoey got in the pictures, because of course she’s part of the family too. I even managed to get a few shots of mom and dad, because they need to have memories together too!

This session cemented my love for relaxed, un-posed lifestyle sessions. I love how perfectly imperfect every image is, and how in each one you can see everyone’s personality and the beautiful connection they have with each other. This is how family photos should be, authentic representations of your family and who you are and how much you love each other.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Maybe you can see yourself in these images with your own family. If that’s the case, I would love to hear from you, to help you tell your beautiful story.


Beautiful photos! I love that you captured true emotions! I’m sure this family will treasure these photos! Elrose, SK is so lucky to have a photographer like you!

You captured them as a family together wonderfully! They will love these I’m sure!

Beautiful family! I love relaxed lifestyle too! Such a great session and those two girls are precious!

I love the connection! You can see the deep rooted love! And I always love to see photos of just Mom and Dad! Melrose SK is lucky to have such a wonderful lifestyle photographer!


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