The Palmier Family

April 6, 2017

This was another family session that still has my heart months later. I loved the overcast skies, the bright yellow leaves on the trees, and of course the adorable family I got to spend an afternoon with.

I drove out to Plenty, just wishing for dry weather. The rain never came, and instead we were blessed with beautiful even overcast fall lighting that made the colours of the trees pop. Little Elliot was the star of the show, dressed in the sweetest yellow dress. She was quiet at first, and her mom had to try and bring her out of her shell as she got to know me and used to my camera. I kept my distance because I wanted to see her personality shine through in the photos as she sat in her wagon and then played in the grass with mom and dad.

As the session went on I could see her get more and more comfortable with me, and she realized that it didn’t matter that I was there taking pictures. She got to play! We explored the beautiful yard, looking for ladybugs, jumping on the trampoline and just laughing together.

Sometimes I wonder if the parents I’m working with can envision the kinds of photos I am taking. I try really hard not to force poses, because I know the best shots come from real moments when they aren’t paying attention to me. I always hope that they don’t worry about getting the “perfect” shot, and trust that I can see beautiful images between the poses. I try to get families doing something together, so they don’t feel awkward or too aware of me snapping my shutter. And it always works out, I always end up with images that I love and I hope they love too.

I loved spending the afternoon with Shannon, Mike and Elliot. She is just the sweetest thing! Looking at these photos almost makes me miss crisp, colourful fall days. Almost ;)


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