The Mathison family have been coming to me for photos since I started my little business. Back in the winter of 2011 I met them for the first time on a cold and cloudy day. Back then, there were no kids. Just a bunch of crazy and fun adults, one of the closest families I know. I also have the pleasure of helping Sandra and Rich celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2013.

Sandra and Rich are the owners of Riches Antiques and Collectibles, and I have found many treasures in their store. They have always been big supporters of me, and I am so thankful for their support and their friendship.

This summer they asked me to once again document their family, and this time I was extra excited because it has grown to include two of the most adorable little ones. They don’t live close by, so it was pretty special for them to be all together. And I was even more excited that they asked me to come take photos of them just playing in grandma and grandpa’s backyard. There were no fancy clothes, no posing for photos. Just a family hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.

We had so much fun, blowing bubbles, playing with their toys, picking flowers from the garden. It was so relaxed and casual, and I was able to really capture the kids’ personalities, and the whole family enjoying being together.

I want to thank Sandra and Rich for welcoming me into their home once again, for letting me do my thing. I love your little family and I hope you all get to be together again soon!












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