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September 11, 2017

Before I moved to Fredericton, I held a giveaway on my Facebook page. I wanted to start building clients in New Brunswick, and hopefully meet some amazing families to connect with. The giveaway was a huge success and the randomly chosen winner was this mom of two beautiful littles.

As we prepared for their session Erin told me that their life, like many young families, is hectic. There isn’t always time to photograph their everyday life, and getting a photo session done is even harder, especially with a young toddler and big sister who is off to grade one this fall. Most days are so busy that by bedtime they just want to relax before preparing for the next day.

I could tell that as hectic as their life is, she still craved a way to hold on to the in-between moments. There was a desire to feel their connections and capture them before they are gone forever.

So I wanted to be able to give them those connections, and some time away from all the craziness of their everyday life to reconnect as a family and have some fun together. I wanted them to see that their reality is beautiful and wonderful and they deserve to have photographs to represent it. Even when little Marcus is crying and refusing to give up his soother, and Ella wants to ride her bike instead. That’s life right?

We wandered down the street to a walking trail near their home. It was a beautiful evening. It took some time, but Marcus warmed up to me and we got him laughing. Ella is already a bit of a diva and I could tell she loved the attention from my camera.

Sometimes when things aren’t going exactly as planned during a session, I need to reassure mom and dad that it’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect like you envision. The imperfect nature of it is what makes it work. I don’t mind capturing tears if that’s how it’s going to go, or silly faces instead of smiles because that’s the kid’s personality. And I always look for the in between moments, when no one is really paying attention to me. Those are where the gold is. And during this session there were lots of those moments.

I’m so glad that Erin entered my giveaway and that I was able to give her and Mike this gift of memories. Their kids are growing up and soon they won’t be this little anymore. These images represent a small moment in time, that they’ll look back on and remember as actually being pretty a big deal.

New Brunswick family photography_0122.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0123.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0124.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0125.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0126.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0127.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0128.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0129.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0130.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0131.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0132.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0133.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0134.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0135.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0136.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0137.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0138.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0139.jpg
New Brunswick family photography_0140.jpg


Love this, you hit the nail on the head for sure! Although not how I envisioned initially, it ended up being perfect for those very real everyday moments that we can always remember since they have been captured. Thanks so much for rolling with the craziness of it all and being so patient!

Thanks Erin! It was so much fun, just the way it should have been :)


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