The joy of anticipation: Why maternity sessions mean so much

March 15, 2022

When you find out that you are pregnant, you have a lot of thoughts and emotions about this new exciting chapter to come. That’s the joy of anticipation.

You start imagining what having a baby will be like, who they will be, if you’ll be a good mother. You’ll start planning and preparing, budgeting and daydreaming about this littler person growing inside of you.

But before you get to meet them, you have nine months of pregnancy to experience first.

Once baby arrives, it will feel like it went so fast. But living through it is a big part of your life, as short as it may be in the grand scheme of things.

Experience YOUR story

All mothers are different, and all pregnancies are different. You might love every minute and want to document each stage. Or it might be tough, with morning sickness and complications. You may feel more beautiful than you ever have, or feel terrible throughout the entire thing.

No matter what your maternity story is, it’s meaningful to you and to your baby. And it deserves to be told.

If nothing else, a maternity session can make you feel special and put you in the spotlight before baby steals the show. It can be a moment for you to stop and breathe and feel everything.

These photographs tell a part of your story, your family’s story, and to your child they will be so precious.

Michelle and Darrell’s story

Michelle was absolutely glowing on the evening of her maternity session by the river. She has a sweet baby girl now, and I hope that these photos help her remember how it felt to anticipate her arrival.

Remembering those feelings – isn’t that just a wonderful thing to be able to do?

Are you expecting? Reach out to me and we will find a way to tell your beautiful maternity story.

River maternity session
Couple maternity session in New Brunswick
Maternity session in New Brunswick
New Brunswick Maternity photographer
Holding hands
Forest maternity session
Maternity photos
Maternity photos in the woods
Feeling the baby move
Sitting by the river Currie Trail
Maternity session in a river
River maternity photos at sunset

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