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June 8, 2017

Having clients who come back to you regularly for photo sessions is kind of like having kids. You get to watch them grow and you feel all kinds of sentimental feelings every time you realize how fast time is going.

Jess and Heath been some of my best long time clients. I was there for their engagement, when we went exploring old barns and stubble fields. They were anxious to be married and we were just getting to know each other.

Then I was there for their wedding on New Year’s Eve, where Jess was newly pregnant and their life together was just beginning.

I watched as Jess’s baby bump grew and got to photograph her as she glowed, and then got to meet sweet baby Floyd when he was just a few days old. Since then I’ve watched him grow in front of my camera too, at four months and again at one year old.

Well this week they welcomed their second baby boy, Walter, into the world. So I just had to share their maternity session from a few weeks ago. I was so excited for them, and once again Jess was glowing and they were ready to be a family of four.

We did this session at the Rose Trail, where it all began and where we’ve been many times since. It was a gloomy morning, but that didn’t deter us. They looked adorable in their coordinating Prairie Proud shirts. This is just one more chapter in their story, and I’ve been so honoured to have been able to tell it for them.

I get to do one more session for my favourite family before I move to Fredericton this summer. I am so excited to meet baby Walter and see proud big brother Floyd again. I hope whoever gets to take their photos in the future realized how lucky they are! Thank you Jess and Heath for inviting me into your family and helping you make wonderful memories.

Fredericton, New Brunswick family photography_0010.jpg
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