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May 21, 2017

This was my last session in 2016. Before Christmas I put out a model call for a family session because I found the most amazing location and got permission to use it. It is an old chimney, the only piece left from a farmhouse on Highway 4. The owners had decorated it for the holidays and I couldn’t resist using it for photos.

It was even more perfect because at the time I was enrolled in a photography workshop with Winnie Bruce Photography and had to shoot a family session for one of the assignments on posing.

I was thrilled to be able to photograph this adorable family at this incredible location. Tana and David and their girls Tayler and Elayne bundled for the chilly day, and prepared for me to practice on them. Luckily it wasn’t hard work, my assignment was to pose without really posing.

As a lifestyle photographer, I like to look for real moments (you probably hear me say that a lot). It in the non-posed moments that the best photos happen, because they are real life. It’s all about putting the clients in a position and then letting them interact with each other in an authentic way. During this session that meant checking out the chimney and decorations, cuddling under a quilt and wandering around the area exploring.

My goal in shooting session this way is to not only get beautiful authentic images, but for my clients to have fun. Yes, it was cold and the girls were major troopers, but they laughed, they explored, they cuddled with mom and dad, and they had fun. It was such a cool spot, how could you not make great memories there?

As I prepare for my move to Fredericton, New Brunswick, I am excited to find amazing new locations, to explore with families and have adventures with them, while creating memories and beautiful photos for them to love forever.

Rosetown, Saskatchewan photography_0316.jpg
Rosetown, Saskatchewan photography_0317.jpg

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Rosetown, Saskatchewan photography_0333.jpg

Rosetown, Saskatchewan photography_0334.jpg


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