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March 27, 2018

I take a lot of pictures. A LOT. So I’ve decided that I really need to share more of them here. I share one or two from our adventures and daily life on my Facebook and Instagram, but sometimes just one or two shots don’t tell the whole story.

We love going on “adventures”. I use that term loosely because they are not wild adventures in the wilderness or anything like that, but small adventures exploring new places we’ve never been. Or a place we’ve been a thousand times but every time we go there is something different to see.

Since we moved to Oromocto, we have discovered some pretty great spots. The wetlands, multiple playgrounds, walking trails, bridges and splash pads. We’ve also ventured a bit further away, like to Odell Park, Killarney Lake, downtown Fredericton and Mactaquac.

We have discovered that even in the winter there are adventures to be found. One of my favourites so far was King’s Landing. We went there back in the fall and fell in love. If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with old houses. So exploring this place was like stepping back in time. I want to live there!

I lived in Fredericton back in the early 2000s when I went to St. Thomas University. I came to love New Brunswick and what makes it unique. But one thing I never got to do back then was experience a sugar bush. My roommate used to bring maple candy to me after she’d go home for a visit, and it was soooo good.

I decided that I couldn’t be a resident of New Brunswick again without experiencing this! So we went to Sugar Bush at King’s Landing, and it did not disappoint. That maple candy right off the snow was to die for. There were all kinds of other fun things to do too, and the girls had a blast.

Ok, enough talking about it, time for you to see the photos.

What are your favourite New Brunswick experiences? Do you have any places you like to go on adventures? Let me know in the comments so I can check it out! Or even better, book a session with me and we’ll go on an adventure together!

sugar bush kings landing

sugar bush kings landing

sugar bush kings landing

sugar bush kings landing

sugar bush kings landing



sound like a wonderful adventure. I love visiting a sugar bush, yum!

Definitely keep sharing your adventures! It looks like there are so many neat things to do in Fredericton and I love seeing your girls explore!


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