Spring Sisters | Sofia & Grace

May 21, 2014

If you’re a mom you know all too well how it feels to realize your children are growing up.

I had this moment last week when I thought I had blinked and suddenly my oldest daughter was four and my baby was six months old. I honestly don’t know where the time went.

And so I have this sometimes desperate urge to take photos of everything. Thank goodness I have my iPhone so I can actually do that without driving everyone crazy!

But sometimes I need to get out my “big” camera and do what I do for my clients. I want those kinds of photos too, with pretty light and planned outfits. So I ordered some dresses from Wheat Canada and headbands (that I had been eying for quite some time) from Monroe & Harlow and I hoped for a beautiful perfect spring day.

Well, the day came when the dresses and headbands had arrived and the sun was shining for the first time in ages. We spent most of that day walking, visiting with friends at the playground, stopping in shops downtown. I had Grace in her dress and brought Sofia’s with us just in case luck was on my side. Because we all know that children are not nearly as excited about having their photos taken as we want them to be. After a long afternoon, we headed home and I decided to stop in the park close to our house. I told Sofia we would have a quick picnic, and I planned to take some photos of Grace but wasn’t counting on Sofia cooperating.

Then, somehow, everything happened just right. Sofia wanted to wear her new dress and wanted me to take to picture. The sun was shining perfectly through the trees and the girls looked at the camera and smiled. Later that evening, I even managed to get more shots down the street from our house under a grassy hill as the sun set above us.

I don’t need these kinds of photos every day, but it is nice to have images to look back on of when my girls were hitting special milestones. It’s hard to be a photographer and a mom sometimes because I have high expectations for myself. All I know is that I love these photos and I will look at them with love for a long long time xo