Ryley’s Formal Session | Grad 2017 | New Brunswick Lifestyle Photographer

September 3, 2017

This past grad season was amazing for me. I met this beautiful graduate, Ryley, who asked me to take both formal and casual photos for her. The best part was that I didn’t just get to take pretty pictures. I got to go on a full blow adventure through the backroads.

I hopped in the car with Ryley and her mom, not really know where we would end up. They told me about a location they liked, near the creek. We had to drive over fields to get there, but it was so beautiful and worth the bumpy drive. Ryley was absolutely stunning in her red gown. The colour popped against the green grass and the water. She was so natural and made my job so easy.

We headed off down the grid roads near their home to explore. We found so many beautiful spots! From simple dirt roads to the most amazing abandoned house to horses grazing on top of a hill. And all as the sweetest summer sunset dipped down over the fields around us. And the session ended with cotton candy skies, just right for the perfect silhouette (scroll all the way to bottom to see that epic shot!)

I had so much fun shooting this session, I’ll never forget it as one of my last adventures in Saskatchewan before moving to New Brunswick. That is, until Ryley’s casual session. Watch my blog to see another incredible evening I had with this beauty!

New Brunswick family photography_0078.jpg
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