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September 4, 2017

I thought nothing could top Ryley’s formal session. She proved me wrong.

For her casual session, we first did some shots around their yard, and with the coolest old car. Then we decided to go a little farther, explore some new places. Her parents knew of some old houses, so we headed out on the road for another adventure.

As we drove down the back roads, I took in everything around me. I knew I’d be leaving the prairies in a few short weeks and I wanted to embrace everything about them that I loved. There’s something about the wide open spaces, the cool evening air, the sunsets that never seem to end even after the sun has long dipped below the horizon. I love that this place meant so much to Ryley and her family, and that we could use the amazing landscape as a backdrop to represent who she is.

We found an old brick house, hidden behind overgrown trees, but standing as majestic as ever. We crept through the tall grass and imagined what this house looked like before it fell apart. We really wanted to go inside, but it just didn’t seem stable enough. So we settled for peeking in through the big bay window instead.

We ventured on, and stumbled upon another farm, this one with a huge whitewashed barn that we felt safe going into. It was dark and dusty, but as the sun set around us it was the perfect atmosphere for Ryley’s photos. I embraced the light coming into through the dirty windows. Yeah, I was in photographer heaven!

By the time we were done exploring there, we had to race the sunset to get to our next location. We went to Herschel, where we could stand above the valley and take in that setting sun as it disappeared behind the hills.

I can’t express how perfect this session was. It was exactly how I want to remember my time in Saskatchewan, and as a final farewell to the province I called home for 11 years. Ryley, thank you so much for being a fantastic model, for being yourself and for adventuring with me. These images represent your final days in school before moving on to a new chapter of your life, and they are the ending of a chapter for me too.

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